Where Are You God?

    What kind of world is this where little children are shot in their classroom?  How on earth does a family survive a day like this?  I think of the parents who will go home without their children, I think about the kids who will go home without parents, I think about the siblings in other classrooms and wonder, "Where are you God?"  In this world, there is so much ugliness and some days it is so hard to believe that God is even paying attention. On days like these, we have a choice, we can blame and accuse God or cling to Him...I choose to cling.
     In the Bible, we see that we live in a fallen world where Satan has power, and part of living in this fallen world means that there will be death and there will be people who choose evil.  We so often think of this world at IT.  We worry about what is happening today, dwell on what happened yesterday, anticipate tomorrow...the problem is, we think in terms of THIS world and our time on it.  God, however, is working on a greater canvas.  With God, life does not end here with our last day on earth.  For those who accept His salvation, there is a life with Him, after our time on earth and God's kingdom is not here. Knowing and beginning to understand this is important when we look at His promises.
     When we sit in bewilderment over events like those in Connecticut today, we need to rest on a promise God makes us, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33.  We see this promise and we want it to mean that "our" world will be free of pain and turmoil, but that is not what it means.  It means that as we live and walk here, there is going to be tragedy and death and senseless pain, it means parents will face Christmas without their kids and kids will face tomorrow without their parents, it means jobs will be lost, people will be homeless, marriages will be strained and life will be hard.  But, we can face those things because when we choose to live this life with God, we are saying that we choose more than this world has to offer, we are choosing more than we can see and we are choosing God's kingdom over the things we love here.
     I simply cannot imagine the days ahead for these precious families in Connecticut and I am so saddened to think about how every Christmas will be from now on.  I pray that they will feel the presence of God in the midst of this.  I pray they will feel His power and comfort and care each and every day.
     I do, however, have to stop and smile when I think of the chorus of little voices with Jesus right now, even as we grieve, because they are now experiencing the Kingdom of God!


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